Healing Cell Healing Process

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Detoxification Process and Healing Crisis

The environment we live in nowadays has put us into tremendous stress physically and mentally which resulted in the deterioration of our overall health and well-being. Stress could result in or link to headaches, infectious illness (e.g. flu), cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma and gastric ulcers. However, our body immune system has the ability to fight off and eliminate toxins cause by stress which is harmful to our body. This detoxification process is known as “Healing Crisis”.

What is Healing Cell Gold (HCG) Nano Curcumin Healing Crisis?

HCG Healing crisis is a process whereby the organs, especially the liver and cells, expel harmful toxins from the body. This process may take place either immediately or a few days later after consuming Healing Cell Gold Nano Curcumin.

When HCG healing crisis takes place, the harmful toxins in the body will be expelled through our skin, urine, lower digestive tract and bowel. The whole process helps to regenerate our body by replacing old tissues and cells.