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Turmeric extract (Curcuma  Longa- 姜黄-Curcumin): One Compound, Multiple Benefits

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Over 3000 studies have been carried out on the benefits of curcumin. According to the studies, this natural product can modulate multiple cellular signalling pathways and affect numerous molecular targets in our body thereby helping in alleviating pain and inflammation, inhibiting tumors and fighting cancer, preventing excessive fat weight gain, regulating blood sugar, curbing depression and slowing down the effect of Alzheimer’s disease, just to name a few.

Benefits of Healing Cell Gold Nano Curcumin

1. Boost immune system and prevent bacterial infection.

2. Maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

3. Lower uric acid levels and reduce the risk of gout.

4. Possess anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Anti-tumor immunity and prevent cancer.

6. Antioxidant and neutralize free radicals.

7. Promote cardiovascular health.

8. Improve blood circulation.

9. Regulate blood sugar levels and maintain healthy insulin levels.

10. Stimulate muscle recovery.

11. Promote healthy lung function.

12. Anti fatty liver.

13. Promote renal function.

14. Strengthen bones and relieve joints pain.

15. Prevent gallstones formation.

16. Maintain and keep reproductive system healthy.

17. Improve gut health and maximize intestinal absorption.

18. Lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels.

19. Antioxidant for skin and slow down aging.

20. Regulate menstruation, soothe and calm the mind, and induce better sleep.

21. Prevent neurological illness and Parkinson’s disease.

22. Improve cognitive thinking and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

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