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Why Healing Cell Gold Nano Curcumin Serum?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

In herbal therapy, turmeric is mainly known as “Body cleanser” for its immense properties and extensive benefits.

In the Indian Community, turmeric is held in high regard for being omnipresent and extensively used for performing rituals in the temples and all religious ceremonies. At home, turmeric is generally used not only as an important ingredient in dishes to add flavor to culinary experiences but largely used in food preparation due to its anti-bacterial, anti-toxin and anti-parasitical properties.

Turmeric, nicknamed the “Asian Gold”, is an ancient spice with a long history as a medicinal plant used extensively in both Ayurvedic (a form of medical practice native to the Indian subcontinent) and in traditional Asian medicine for over 6000 years. Ancient healers being aware of its healing properties used turmeric for the following purposes:

1) anti-bacterial

2) anti-inflammatory

3) anti-oxidative

4) anti-fungal

5) anti-viral

6) anti-parasitical

7) anti-angiogenesis

8) anti-carcinogenic.

However, despite its extensive usage, turmeric and its active compound (curcumin) are not water soluble and not easily absorbed or in other words, less bio-available to the human body and therefore restricting its therapeutic use further.

Turmeric contains a significant amount of oxalates, which can form calcium oxalate kidney stones (the most common type of kidney stone). However, our Healing Cell Gold Nano Curcumin in the form of serum does not contain oxalates.

Healing Cell Gold Nano Curcumin Serum is processed from the finest turmeric rhizome found in pristine conditions. On top of this, our Healing Cell Gold Nano Curcumin serum is a proprietary blend of various high-grade turmeric species selected from the top 10 turmeric species out of the 140 turmeric species planted throughout India and Nepal. Healing Cell Gold Nano Curcumin serum is the only serum that has attained 24 nanometres size and below with proven track records. Our proprietary blend of curcumin is extracted through a unique processing method which is extremely bio-available. Hence, every single drops of the serum is easily absorbed into the body with little to zero wastage and ultimately, maximum therapeutic benefits for our body.

Healing Cell Gold Nano Curcumin serum is classified as traditional medicine in Singapore. CET Laboratory test report indicated that our curcumin serum nanometer size was smaller than human red blood cell. Typically, a human red blood cell measures between 7,000-10,000 nanometer, whereas Healing Cell Gold Curcumin Serum measuring at about 24 nanometer which is much smaller then human red blood cell. Hence, this allows Healing Cell Gold Nano Curcumin serum to easily penetrate our blood and absorbed by our cells boosting detoxification process.

To date, there were over 7200 peer reviewed articles published about the benefits of turmeric and the positive effects of curcumin on mankind.Moving forward, the research on curcumin will continue in order to benefit more people on earth for a better health and well-being.

Healing Cell Gold Nano Curcumin is made available in the form of serum. It is hygienically bottled and the doses are meticulously calibrated for the benefit of each and everyone’s needs.

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