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Founder's Biography


Sathesh Roy is the founder of Healing Cell Pte Ltd. In his youth, Roy read and explored the old manuscripts, and eventually came out with a few simple formulas which could help mankind.

In his later years, Roy experimented with various species of turmeric and learned how to blend them under the tutelage of renowned scientists. He spent 3 years in a research institute in Switzerland and conducted R&D to identify active genes and characteristics of different plants.

His efforts finally paid off after 2 years where he produced the first sample of Nano Curcumin serum(Turmeric extract -Curcuma  Longa- 姜黄-Curcumin) . The following 1 year was constant in-house tests and after 3 years in Switzerland, he brought samples of Nano Curcumin serum to Hawaii and USA to test on sick patients. The results turned out positive with most of them showing signs of improvement to their health after only a few weeks.  Roy took the next move by returning to Singapore and sharing the Nano  Curcumin serum with his friends and family.

With his passion to help people with ailments, he incorporated a company in Singapore known as “Healing Cell Pte Ltd” on 8th October 2018 and has been helping and reaching out to more people with ailments since then.

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